In recent years, I became very intensively involved in the issues of immigration law and have very successfully advised, supported and represented my clients in citizenship matters (in particular also for descendants of persecuted persons), residence and asylum proceedings, in visa matters, in connection with employment of foreigners, in cases of measures terminating residence and imposed entry bans as well as displaced persons.


Most recently, I was the head of the immigration law team at a business law firm excelling in immigration law.


I represented applicants as well as the interests of employers in the employment of foreigners.


Often, not only are there official hurdles to be overcome, but the advice also requires answering questions of corporate law and real estate law.


Providing advice on immigration law requires a high degree of knowledge of the legal situation and the potential obstacles. In addition, it is of utmost importance for me to offer my clients the appropriate guidance and support, which often goes beyond the legal realm.

I consider immigration to be necessary and socio-politically imperative.


Supporting my clients in the area of immigration law is a special concern of mine and for me it goes without saying that this requires an extraordinary commitment - and understanding of the individual situation.

The main areas of my work include:

  • Citizenship (also: § 58c StbG - descendants of persecuted people)
  • Residence permits of any kind / in particular settlement permits except for gainful employment
  • Employment of foreigners / employment permits
  • Advice and support for displaced persons (Ukraine)
  • Visa matters (EVE-notifications, applications)
  • Termination of residence / entry ban
  • Asylum law